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Last Update: 05.07.2023


1. Disclaimer

These Terms of Service (TOS) shall supersede and govern the use of all assets, regardless of the date and content of their respective licenses. If there is a conflict or inconsistency between the terms of the licenses and these TOS, these TOS will take precedence.

Please note that I retain the right to modify these Terms of Service at any time. Any revisions or updates to this document will be implemented immediately upon being posted, and it is your responsibility to regularly review this document.

By continuing to utilize my assets, you acknowledge and consent to adhere to the latest version of these Terms of Service. I encourage you to regularly check for updates to stay informed about any modifications.

2. Intellectual Property and Usage Rights

  • Asset Ownership: The AI-generated assets offered on this platform are exclusively owned by me, and I retain all rights to these images (especially that they are not generations sold "as is," but generations that have been additionally edited by me). By purchasing you are granted a single-user license to download the assets and use them in your creative project(s).
  • Engine Training Base: While I do not have direct control over the training base of images used by my engine, it is important to note that my engine strictly prohibits the upload of copyrighted pictures or photos into their image base. I utilize this engine in good faith and according to its terms of service. I will not provide the training image base at the asset buyer's request because I do not possess direct control over it.
  • Crediting: Crediting is appreciated but not mandatory. However, it is important to note that you should not claim that you have created the assets yourself. 
  • Support and Guidance: I am committed to providing support and guidance to users. However, it is important to acknowledge that users bear full responsibility for the use and any potential consequences arising from the implementation of my assets.
  • Refunds: Once the assets have been downloaded, it is important to note that there is a possibility that someone may still use them even after a refund is requested. Therefore, please consider this carefully before making your purchase, as I do not support refunds once the images have been downloaded.

3. Ownership and Liability of Creative Projects

  • Downloading Files: It is important to note that it is your responsibility to download all purchased assets within two weeks of your purchase. I cannot guarantee that the assets I am selling will always be available on this shop, as I may remove them at any time. Therefore, I strongly advise you to download and save the assets promptly to ensure you have access to them in the future.
  • Creative Projects Ownership: You retain full ownership of all rights to your creative projects made with my assets (as long as you use them in accordance with the next section, Permissible Use of Assets). It is important to note that you assume all responsibility for your projects, as well, including any legal or ethical considerations that may arise.
  • Responsibility for Asset Usage and Website Compliance: I cannot be held accountable if websites hosting games incorporating these assets choose to remove them. Users are accountable for adhering to the policies of the websites they select for publishing their creative projects. They should ensure that the usage of AI-generated assets aligns with the guidelines of these platforms. 

3. Permissible Use of Assets:

  • Scope of Permissible Use: You can use my assets in your free and commercial creative projects, such as (but not limited to): visual novels, sound novels, text adventure games and other plot-driven games, as well as your manga, comics, artbooks and videos. You can also use the assets to make print-and-play games, board games, and merch related to your creative project, provided that they're part of some larger composition (you add artistic effort to the project rather than making the asset the main base). In case of other creative projects please first check the section "Prohibited Use of Assets" of these Terms of Service, and then the Frequently Asked Questions, as not all uses of these assets are allowed and supported.
  • Multiple-Time Use: You can utilize my assets for multiple instances across the creative projects listed above, without the need for additional purchases. 
  • Editing: You have the flexibility to modify and tailor my assets to seamlessly align with the specific requirements of your creative project.

4. Forbidden Use of Assets:

  • Disseminating Assets: Please refrain from disseminating my assets or distributing the download links associated with them to any third parties. This encompasses the prohibition of uploading said assets or their download links to torrents, file hosting services, sharing websites, or any other similar platforms.
  • Sublicensing Assets to Third Parties: Please note that it is strictly prohibited to resell my assets or include them, along with their download links, in game creation engines, software applications, websites, apps, stock image galleries, digital asset galleries, or any other projects that involve the sale or distribution of digital assets to third parties. This restriction also applies to projects that allow third parties to utilize the assets for their own creative projects.
  • Competitive Activity: Please refrain from creating your own assets using my provided assets, as this activity is considered competitive and strictly prohibited under any circumstances.
  • Claiming Sole Ownership: Additionally, it is important that you do not claim my assets as your own work or assert exclusive rights to the assets you have purchased. It is essential to understand that anyone who purchases these assets will have the same rights to use them as you do.
  • Projects with Illegal and Offensive Content: You are free to utilize the assets for creative projects that involve adult content, as long as it falls within the permissible use of the assets. However, it is crucial to refrain from using my assets for projects that are illegal or offensive in nature.
  • Projects for Cryptocurrency Markets: Please note that my assets are not to be used for creating NFTs or included in projects intended for sale in cryptocurrency markets. Kindly refrain from using them for these purposes.

5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Thank You

For more detailed information about the manufacturing process of my assets, legal matters, and specific permitted use, I recommend referring to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

The FAQ section is designed to provide comprehensive answers to common inquiries and address any concerns you may have.

Thank you for understanding and complying with these guidelines.

Rachel Chen