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Hello to my lovely indie game developers!

I'm bringing you the Baroque Palace Pack: 22 Visual Novel Backgrounds.

All 12 backgrounds are 2500 x 1667 px. The backgrounds in this pack are now priced at 0.7$ each, hence, the whole pack costs 15.4$.


This is the fourth pack now available in its original and revamped version. If you've bought the original version previously, you should be able to download the revamped version for free. If you're buying this pack now, you're getting both the original and the revamped version.

This pack took me a really long time to revamp and, I'm still  not quite sure if I'm truly happy with the result. These backgrounds are really very old, and despite my best efforts to fix all quality issues, some may look imperfect, especially as close-ups.

I've left the resolution 2500 x 1667 px because, I don't know what's the resolution of your games. Nevertheless, I strongly recommend resizing the images to 1200 x 800 px for better quality. 

In general, I suggest buying this pack only if you have other Victorian / Baroque packs already and really need some new images to supplement your game - or if you really like what this pack looks like and won't mind minor issues.

I mostly fixed lights, shadows and colors, as there were issues with strong contrast here. I've also remade the three evening versions and added another one for the bonus bedroom. 

Screenshots (Revamped Version):

I feel that this new version is so much better than the older one. But if for some reason, you need the old backgrounds, you can still download them, and here are the previews.

Screenshots (Old Version):

After the purchase, you can use safely them in both free and commercial visual novels, but you mustn't resell them or share them with other users.

Browse all my classical visual novel backgrounds (working with this pack) here

There is also a new series of impressionist visual novel backgrounds, that won't work with this pack, but you may want to check them out here.

Looking for Tyranobuilder GUI packs? I've got you covered.

Can't find what you need? Request a visual novel background or GUI pack.

If you have any questions, please read the FAQ or write me a comment on the page with requests (link above).

Always feel free to post links to your visual novels in the comment section below! I'd love to see your creations!

xoxo Rach


Get this asset pack and 61 more for $643.69 USD
View bundle
Buy Now
On Sale!
15% Off
$15.40 $13.09 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $13.09 USD. You will get access to the following files:

RachelChen_BaroquePalacePack(OldVersion-Unsupported) 117 MB
RC_BaroquePalacePack(RevampedVersions).rar 80 MB

Development log


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I just bought this awesome asset pack and I am using it first my first visual novel that is an adaptation of the novel Carmilla. This was exactly what i needed for the backgrounds. I wish there were some picture of the outside of a castle and a ruined chapel. 


Just found your other pack and it has what i need


Thank you for your purchase! *^-^*

I'm so happy that this asset pack will be useful to you!

And, I'd love to play your game once it's released!

Good luck! 

Hi, what file type are these images? I need JPG or PNG. Thanks.

Hi, they are all PNG images, 2500 x 1667 px. :)

That's cool, I bought them, thanks. Just needed to get Unarchiver for Mac and then I could extract them as PNGs. I' using them as backdrops for my detective game :). You should definitely more, they are good!

Thank you for your purchase! ^^ I'm glad you liked these backgrounds, please feel free to post here the link to your game once you release it! I'll be happy to take a look at it. I'm always working on new backgrounds, I hope to release some soon. If you have any suggestions, please let me know and I'll try to think of something! Have a great week and good luck with your game! ^^

Sure, no sweat, I'll let you know when the game is up. You can check out my latest game app on the App Store called, 'Spy Agency,' to get a feel for the type of games I'm programming. The 'Spy Agency Express,' version is a free download :). 

Some backdrop ideas you might like to think about are:

1) Fountain Courtyard

2) Downtown Neon Streets (Like Tokyo)

3) Airport/Planes

4) A nice bridge

5) Garden Maze

6) Ice Bar Club/Disco

7) Futuristic lounge (Lava lamps/Interfaces)

8) Nice sunset beach 

I would definitely be interested in an asset pack of good quality like that :).

Hope that was inspiring,


Hi, thank you for your message! I will check your game today, I'm sure it's awesome!
I'm very grateful for these suggestions, I hope I can find the right photos and create something great! :)