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Hi Friends!

I'm bringing you the Christmas Time Pack: 12 Visual Novel Backgrounds. 

This pack was made with the help of an AI-software. I own all images generated and by purchasing them, you are granted from me a single-user license to use them in your creative project. Please make mindful purchases. Before buying anything, please thoroughly read the Terms of Service of my asset shop and the FAQ section!!!

Earlier, this pack used to be called "Christmas Mini Pack" and had just 6 backgrounds. Over time, though, I've remade it from scratch and added new ones to it, so it's larger. Hence, I changed the name as well. The old version of this pack isn't available anymore, as it had quality issues. I believe that this one is much better.

All 12 backgrounds are 2500 x 1667 px (PNG or JPG file format). As earlier, there are home interiors, restaurant, shopping mall in the arcades, and market. 

The backgrounds in this pack are now priced at 0.7$ each, hence, now the whole pack costs 8.4$. 

These backgrounds can be used safely in your visual novels (free and commercial), and you don't need to credit me. However, if you want to use them in some other way, please make sure to read the terms of use on my itch.io profile, as not all other uses are allowed!

Check out all my AI-made backgrounds (ones working best with this particular pack) here

Looking for Tyranobuilder GUI packs? I've got you covered.

If you have any questions, please write me a comment here or on the page with requests (link above).

And last but not least, always feel free to post links to your visual novels in the comment section below! I'd love to showcase your creations on my profile!

xoxo Rach

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AuthorRachel Chen
Tags2D, Christmas, Cozy, market, restaurant, shopping-center, toys, tree, wooden


Get this asset pack and 89 more for $624.00 USD
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On Sale!
20% Off
$8.40 $6.72 USD or more

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These are amazing. Not sure how or if I could use them, but I bought this set to do a few mock-ups.

Thank you for your purchase! *^-^*  And good luck with your projects! 

Deleted 1 year ago

https://store.steampowered.com/app/1627740/SHAKESPEARE_More_like_THIRSTspeare_am... I just released this game using your pack, and am working on the itch page AS WE SPEAK.

Hi, congratulations on your game! ^-^ I hope you can upload it on itch.io soon! I’d like to showcase it on my profile. Rachel

I should get around to that next week after I'm sure it's been patched on Steam well enough.

Could you do some North Pole whimsical Christmas cottage?

(1 edit)

Hi, yes! *^-^* How many images do you need? Could you describe, how you imagine them, with as many details as possible? 
Thank you,

Sure,  I wasn't thinking about anything specifics,  I am just a beginner visual novel programmer but I had an idea to adapt a holiday romance into a visual novel I was thinking of a bakery cafe, a snowy north pole town square, a bachelor pad-type bedroom (still Christmas themed),  and a Santa Claus CEO type office. 

Hi! I'm sorry for the late response! I was offline for quite a while. Sure, I'll do my best to help you with these backgrounds! I hope to upload them this week. I started bakery backgrounds quite a while ago, so, I'll post it, too! Please follow me, if you haven't yet, so that you can get the news when I post the backgrounds!

Okay great! Thank you so much! And not to add on to your work load (I can probably wait or work another one of your backgrounds) but I have started a story that takes place in Las Vegas. I just need a Casino, and A  chapel, and maybe a honeymoon suite.

Thank you for letting me know! A long time ago, I have started a pack with casinos and lounges, hopefully, it'll be useful to you! As for other backgrounds, I'll write put them in my queue. Lots of new packs are almost ready, so, it shouldn't take long!  Thank you for buying my backgrounds, it means a lot!