Rachel Chen

Remake of Grocery Store, Supermarket & Dining Room With Breakfast Pack
Indigo, violet and rose gold baroque style interiors
Desert with Palms and Pyramids, Oasis, Field, Construction Sites, Storage Buildings
Enchanted forest with conical fairy huts adorned by beads
Simple meddieval houses, trees, mountains, blue sky
Police station with desk area, detective rooms, prison cell
This pack includes the clean and low battery versions
Cute huts among tall trees, with paths, shrubs, flowers, etc.
More color variety than in the case of the Red Sci Fi City on Mars
Sci-fi structures on Mars, dusty atmosphere, red ground
Dusty city at sunset, abandoned cars, tall trees, light and shadow
Inspired by Silent Hill, but the final result's a bit different
Prehistorical plants, rocks, soil, dust, scorching hot climate, etc.
Flowers, herbs, weird things growing on the walls...
Snow, ice, magenta leaves, golden chandeliers, light blue tones, etc.
Herbs, cheese, focaccia, metals, candles, crystals, fabrics, pots, love potions
Dark interiors with magenta furniture and golden chandeliers
Delicate fog, purple light, golden leaves, green vegetation
Sunlight, rococo architecture, green vegetation, pink flowers
Palm leaves, handpainted totems, colorful alcohol bottles, etc.
Hibiscus flower decorations, palm leaves, lanterns, etc.
Old, small, smokey witch hut with candles, winter time
Lots of trash, abandoned cars, dim sunlight, firs, etc...
Perfect for a visual novel about the Roaring 20s, Prohibition... and Whiskey
Solarpunk city backgrounds with lots of blue, green and darker colors
Aquarium-style solarpunk city full of sunlight and vegetation
Romantic, gilded bedrooms, corridors, and palace rooms
Dojo entrance, two training rooms and one magazine
Abandoned physics institute with entrance, hallway, classrooms, etc.
Botany institute with entrance, halls, and experiment rooms
Supreme court with entrance, stairs and two hearing halls
Remake of Victorian Mansion Exteriors With Inner Garden Pack
Remake of Boho Interiors and Romantic Rooftop Pack

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