Rachel Chen

Another pack acting as an add-on to the modern bedrooms pack, perfect for slice of life visual novels
An add-on to the modern bedrooms pack, perfect for visual novels that take place at the characters' home
All kinds of science fiction backgrounds for your space ship visual novel.
Living areas for your sci-fi visual novels: conference room, lounge, bedroom, canteen, corridor.
A hospital environment for your drama visual novels.
Gothic backgrounds, perfect for horror, mystery or vampire romance visual novels
Space station backgrounds, for science fiction visual novels
Must-have for romantic visual novels about love, dating & getting married.
Ancient Greece, Greek ruins, homes, markets, ruins & more!
Medieval town with a fantasy vibe, perfect for fairies, elves, witches, wizards and other magical creatures.
Christmas interiors & exteriors: small kitchen, wooden hut, elegant restaurant, shopping mall and craft market

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