Rachel Chen

Red brick tenements and entrances in late summer / early autumn
Modern house exteriors, with matching courtyard, garage and streets
Exteriors: 4 houses, 1 block of flats, 1 B&B, 1 mansion in the park
After all that ice cream and pizza, your VN characters surely put on weight. It's time to sweat it off at the gym!
Theater and opera backgrounds: entrance, corridor with piano, main hall, stage with curtains and seats
A zoological garden with elephants, giraffa, tigers, hyenas, flamingos, pandase etc.
No romance visual novel is complete without an amusement park!
A wonderful fairytale island kingdom with port, forest and city landscapes
Beautiful, magical autumn park with maples, path, house, lake and bridge
Meadow, forest with benches, waterfall, road and wooden camp houses

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A collection of awesome games I'm going to play once I find time.